Women’s Menswear Shoes Best Styles To Wear Now

Borrowed from the boys closet. Today’s article is dedicated to women’s menswear shoes styles you can wear this Winter. You are going to read about ways to wear combat boots, Chelsea boots, Oxfords, Timberlands, and Derby shoes. Menswear footwear is incredibly comfortable, stylish and versatile. I am not saying you should forget about classic winter shoes for women and switch to menswear footwear. It’s up to you, but the modern fashion trends say that menswear shoes are on a high peak now.

Combat Boots

I am a big fan of combat boots. They do make a woman look edgy and rock chic. I would say, ladies who want to make a strong statement on the streets should try one of these bulky boots. Of course, this footwear is not for cocktail parties, but they do look awesome with ladylike clothes, such as dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts. I do love to see women who complete their denim cut-offs or ripped boyfriend jeans with a pair of black leather combat boots. Of course, you should balance the whole look if you want to rock these boots.

Chelsea Boots

These styles look dressier than combat boots. I am pretty sure, there will be no problem to make them elevate any ensemble. Still, they look less formal, but you can easily experiment with different outfits. They elongate woman’s legs and work ideal with slightly cropped cigarette pants, skinny jeans tucked in, as well as with boyfriend jeans.

Oxfords and Derby shoes

These two styles are ideal for women who want to keep their outfits dressy and formal appropriate, but still, want to look mannish. They both give a classic and clean look. Oxfords will ideally complement an evening dress, so you look terrific and feel comfortable. In other words saying, these two pairs of shoes are versatile enough to pair with both slacks and jeans.


It’s almost the same as wearing combat boots, but Timberlands look fancier and fresh. They are ultra casual and you are free to create stunning outfits that are easy to mix and match with almost any clothing staple.

Image Source: fashionmakestrends.com

Women's Menswear Shoes Best Styles To Wear Now 2023

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