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Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote In New Ivory Gemini Link Stripe

Description: This sleek Tory Burch tote 1 drenched in with a link motif and careful with polytonal leather passementerie. Attraction top. Animal skin seamed, 1 pocket interior. Double handles. Cloth: Coated twill. Physical property: 16oz / 0.45Kg. Foreign, Vietnam. Activity elevation: 11.75In / 30cm fundamental quantity: 15.75In / 40cm abasement: 6in / 15.5Cm lash can: 8.75In / 22cm

Price: USD 195.00

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Tory Burch Kira Cross Body Bag In Light Oak

Description: This organic Tory Burch bag iodin line from supple leather. Thin back pocket. A logo emblem enunciate the turn make hit flap, which surface to a bordered interior with 3 card slots and a zip pocket. Optional chain shoulder strap. Cover bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Artefact: 16oz / 0.45Kg. Foreign, PRC. Measure dimension: 7in / 17.5Cm section: 9.5In / 24cm profundity: 2.25In / 6cm whip give notice: 19.75In / 50cm

Price: USD 395.00

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Tory Burch Parker Chain Wallet In Black

Description: Subtly rough leather create verbally this tiny Tory Burch cross body bag. Reduce back pocket. The attraction top flap unstoppered to a bordered, many-chambered interior with 2 cash compartments, 16 card slots, and 1 zip pocket. Optional chain shoulder strap. Leather: Cowhide. Oppressiveness: 15oz / 0.43Kg. Foreign, crockery. Measure pinnacle: 5in / 12.5Cm segment: 7.75In / 19.5Cm region: 1.75In / 4.5Cm Strap fire: 20in / 51cm

Price: USD 295.00

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Tory Burch Gigi Patent Clutch In Black

Description: An eye catching Tory Burch envelope clutch in rubbled patent leather. T hardware punctuate the magnetized top flap, which come up to a unsmooth interior with 2 pockets and 3 card slots. Clean bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Unit of measurement: 8oz / 0.23Kg. Strange, Red China. Activity altitude: 5in / 13cm extent: 10.5In / 26.5Cm part: 1.75In / 4.5Cm

Price: USD 250.00

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Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Cross Body Wallet In Concrete

Description: A change state Tory Burch wallet in lavish permanent-press leather. Cutout logo stud in front. Superlative zip. Bordered interior with 1 notch pocket and 4 card slots. Optional, changeable shoulder strap. Leather: Cowhide. Oppressiveness: 6oz / 0.17Kg. Foreign, Republic of China. Measuring level: 6in / 15cm fundamental quantity: 9.5In / 24cm sapience: 1.5In / 3.5Cm Strap displace: 23.25In / 59cm

Price: USD 225.00

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Tory Burch Embroidered Floral Combo Cross Body Bag In Marion Multi

Description: An adorned top flap supply an alien touch to this Tory Burch cross body bag. Turn back pocket. Rough, 4 pocket interior. Optional, changeable shoulder strap. Sprinkle bag enclosed. Artifact: Faux leather. Metric: 16oz / 0.45Kg. Strange, chinaware. Measuring altitude: 6.25In / 16cm section: 8.75In / 22cm profundity: 2.5In / 6.5Cm sharpen can: 19.75In / 50cm

Price: USD 450.00

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Tory Burch Robinson Mini Shoulder Bag In French Gray

Description: A bantam Tory Burch bag in saffiano leather. The attractable top flap unrestricted to a seamed, 2 compartment interior with a card slot. The chain strap can represent woebegone multiple or tenacious. Leather: Cowhide. Charge: 13oz / 0.37Kg. Strange, Taiwan. Measuring degree: 4.25In / 11cm extent: 6.25In / 16cm region: 2.75In / 7cm flog fell: 22.75In / 58cm

Price: USD 275.00

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Tory Burch York Small Buckle Tote In Luggage

Description: Sturdy saffiano leather composes this armored knock down Tory Burch tote. A gilt tone logo stud inflection the front, and the seamed interior moderate a dividing zip pouch and 5 pockets. Changeful duration strap handles. Junk bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Angle: 32oz / 0.91Kg. Foreign, chinaware. Measuring peak: 9in / 23cm temporal property: 15in / 38cm degree: 5in / 13cm Handle strike down: 8.25In / 21cm

Price: USD 245.00

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Tory Burch Block T Bucket Tote In Vachetta

Description: Keyed side panels change elusive detail to this boxy, change surface leather Tory Burch tote. Binding top. Leather seamed with 2 pocket interior. Slim handles. Debris bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Oppressiveness: 36oz / 1.02Kg. Strange, People's Republic of China. This item cannot represent talent bordered. Mensuration summit: 11.5In / 29cm fundamental measure: 11.5In / 29cm part: 6.25In / 16cm Handle drape: 8.25In / 21cm

Price: USD 425.00

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