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How To Wear Tees & T-Shirts This Summer

Is there anything more versatile than a t-shirt? I think you don’t need me to tell you that a basic tee is a closet essential. In today’s post I decided to share with you an awesome compilation of street style images where ladies appear wearing cool tees and T-shirts combined with their everyday essentials. If you keep on wondering how to wear this top in your everyday life, then yo should know, there is no wrong way to wear it. Personally, I like that special borrowed from the boys appeal that makes your outfit look awesome and original. Even though I own a closet full of cute blouses, tunics and tops, I always find myself reaching for my favorite graphic tee or solid color T-shirt.

How To Wear Tees & T-Shirts This Summer 2022

We see two chics wearing white tops (tee and shirt) paired with black skinnies (the first ones are extremely ripped and the other ones have a leather look).

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