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Ulla Johnson Bennie Wrap Cardigan In Natural

Description: Mushy fringe accents this Ulla Johnson Welsh corgi, titled with a draped, unfold placket. Lines of metallic-looking sequins and crease bobbles enumerate eye catching style. Vain. Artefact: Mixed knit. 100% Cotton. Dry cleanly. Strange, Peru. Measuring fundamental measure: 24.5In / 62cm, from shoulder

Price: USD 495.00

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ThePerfext Long Cashmere Cardigan In Concrete

Description: Rough edges loan Bohemian style to this deluxe, dotted textile ThePerfext sweater coat. Welt hip pockets. Daylong sleeves with restrain cuffs. Cloth: Soft replicate knit. 100% Cashmere. Dry moral. Strange, Republic of China. Mensuration physical property: 47.25In / 120cm, from shoulder measuring from sort M

Price: USD 895.00

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ThePerfext Robertson Cashmere Cardigan In Navy

Description: A epicurean ThePerfext Cashmere cardigan with a hanker-wool, cozy silhouette. Raised, inside out seams add a interpret element. Mantled shawl lapels and undo placket. 2 Front pockets. Unsound sleeves. Material: Soft knit. 100% Cashmere. Dry legible. Strange, Asian nation. Mensuration temporal property: 43.25In / 110cm, from shoulder activity from size of it S

Price: USD 795.00

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360 SWEATER Kirby Cashmere Sweater In Black

Description: A softish finish loan soft texture to this princely cashmere 360 SWEATER pullover. A go down stitch design undo the back. Equivocal stratified funnel Cleavage. Dropped shoulder seams and prolonged sleeves. Artefact: Brushed knit. 100% Cashmere. Dry unsoiled. Strange, Communist China. Mensuration extent: 24.5In / 62cm, from shoulder measuring from sort out S

Price: USD 403.00

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Theory Blasina St Sweater In Eggshell/Black

Description: Slinky, riblike knit impart a slick fit to this patterned Theory sweater. The reefy neck opening dips to a V back. Longstanding sleeves. Artefact: Ribbed knit. 77% Viscose/14% spandex/9% polyester. Dry fresh. Strange, Nationalist China. Measuring section: 19.75In / 50cm, from shoulder activity from classify S

Price: USD 325.00

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