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Big Trend: Slip-On Sneakers For Women

If there is one footwear what is here to stay, then it's slip-on sneakers. Indeed, they're doing quite well these years. I see many bloggers and fashionistas wearing these trendy shoes styled with their everyday clothes. Today my mission is to share with you my favorite 8 pairs of slip-ons what are both versatile and easy-to-style. Why do so many women are in love with these shoes? As I have already mentioned, they are extremely versatile and comfy, as you can wear them from trips to parties and long walks around the town. No matter if you are fashion editor, street style, blogger, bargain shopper or just teenage girl, you gonna love this footwear from the very first wear.

Big Trend: Slip-On Sneakers For Women 2021

Keep it cool and sporty by wearing these black leather shortened dungarees, white bra top, mirrored sunglasses and black leather slip-ons with white soles.

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17 Pairs of Fall Sneakers You’ll Want

From chic everyday slip-ons to a pair of bright blue runners that will update your black colored look, here are 17 pairs of Autumn sneakers you will want for this season. If you are looking for stylish, comfortable and long-lasting shoes with personality, then take a close up look at these street style images and choose the ones what will update your look. Nowadays, sneakers can be found in so many colors and prints that you simply can get lost in. I have made a kind of sneakers roundup, gathering together chic styles regardless of your budget.

17 Pairs of Fall Sneakers You'll Want 2021

Try on these slip-ons with simple black skinnies, grey pullover, blush oversized scarf and black aviator sunglasses.

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15 Reasons to Buy Trainers

You don't have to be a sports girl to wear trainers. Here are gathered 15 reasons to buy trainers this year. Why so many ladies choose trainers instead of high-heels and classy pumps? Really, I see so many girls and women walking around New York City wearing trainers and sneakers. I was puzzled by this discovery. That's why I've decided to take a look through Pinterest and Polyvore images and see the trend. I was shocked! Modern business women and glamour chics prefer to wear comfy sporty shoes instead of high-heels!

15 Reasons to Buy Trainers 2021

Some ladies want to keep their outfits simple and functional. We see blond girl wearing a khaki olive jacket styled with white tee, cuffed blue jeans and white trainers.

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10 Ways to Wear Sneakers with a Dress

I think everyone loves sneakers! That's why I've decided to show you some tricks and ideas how to wear sneakers with dresses. Just imagine yourself in a nice and girly dress styled with cool sneakers. Well, some years ago ladies would never try this kind of look in the streets, but nowadays it appears to be OKAY. Well, fashion is a weird thing you know! But I like it.

10 Ways to Wear Sneakers with a Dress 2021

Here we see a woman who is wearing a printed midi dress with black leather jacket and adidas white sneakers with black stripes.

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