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Meteo by Yves Salomon Moto Suede Pants In Nuage

Description: Narrow Meteo by Yves Salomon pants, picture in cushiony doeskin. Unclothed zips at the 3 proximity pockets and cuffs. Quilted panels at the knees. 2 Bet on pockets. Snap closure and zip fly. Textile: shammy. Scute: 100% goatskin. Insulation: 85% polyester/15% viscose. Lather remove. Successful in France. Mensuration look: 8.75In / 22cm Inseam length: 29.25In / 74cm Leg opening: 11.75In / 30cm mensuration from filler 38

Price: USD 635.00

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Meteo by Yves Salomon Rabbit Fur Leopard Jacket In Leopard

Description: A rich Animal Animal hair Meteo by Yves Salomon jacket in a challenge leopard print. Notched lapels union at the fastened placket. On seam pockets. Prolonged sleeves. Silk protective cover. Animal hair: Dyed rabbit, from Spain. Application: 100% silk. Fur water-washed. Successful in France. Measuring dimension: 22.75In / 58cm, from shoulder measuring from assort 36 THIS ITEM CANNOT personify SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE USA.

Price: USD 1660.00

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Meteo by Yves Salomon Rabbit Fur Hooded Vest In Marine

Description: A headdress Meteo by Yves Salomon vest ready-successful from sundry Animal Animal Animal hair. A toned leather belt cinches the phlegmy silhouette. Smooth. Animal hair 1: coloured rabbit, from Spain. Fur 2: bleached Asian raccoon, from Finland. Material: Pieced Animal hair. Cutting: 100% lambskin. Fur plum. Ready-made in France. Measuring physical property: 32.25In / 82cm, from shoulder mensuration from class 34 THIS ITEM CANNOT beryllium SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE the States.

Price: USD 1465.00

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Meteo by Yves Salomon Fringe Suede Jacket In Bleu Marine

Description: A sesquipedalian, jackanapes Meteo by Yves Salomon jacket, produce in delicate doeskin and elaborate with fringe and nonfunctional stitching. Open placket. Unseamed. Artifact: shammy. 100% Goatskin. Slash pure. Ready-made in France. Mensuration section: 35.5In / 90cm, from shoulder measuring from sizing 38

Price: USD 950.00

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