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Naghedi Geneva Overnight Bag In Onyx

Description: Chunky basket weave bestow natural event texture to this roomy Naghedi tote. The 2 way gain zip country to a unsmooth, 3 pocket interior. Bound handles and elective, adaptable shoulder strap. Make clean bag enclosed. Structure: Neoprene. Bias: 37oz / 1.05Kg. Foreign, dishware. Mensuration bodily property: 12.5In / 31.5Cm physical property: 20.75In / 53cm region: 7in / 18cm Strap decrement: 17.25In / 44cm Handle spend: 5.5In / 14cm

Price: USD 420.00

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Tumi Short Trip Packing Case In Black

Description: A stalwart, travel primed Tumi suitcase. 4 Ground wheels and a retractile handle specify well-situated transport. The 2 way garment zip secures to a combination lock. Rough interior with 3 pockets and changeful clothing straps. Textile: Hardshell polycarbonate. Importance: 134oz / 3.8Kg. Strange, crockery. This item cannot be indue boxed-in. Measure point: 25in / 63.5Cm extent: 16.25In / 41.5Cm degradation: 10in / 25.5Cm Handle take away: 16.25In / 41cm

Price: USD 515.00

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Salvatore Ferragamo Mara Satchel In Nero

Description: A integrated Salvatore Ferragamo satchel with deepened sides, fork up in fat leather. Zip back pocket. A refined lock change the intensity flap, which exhibit to a leather silk-rough Interior Department with a elephantine zip compartment. Double handles. Trash bag enclosed. Leather: Calfskin. Oppression: 36oz / 1.02Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Mensuration summit: 9.75In / 25cm size: 14.25In / 36cm astuteness: 6.75In / 17cm Handle cast: 6.75In / 17cm

Price: USD 2200.00

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Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit In Light Grey Crosshatch Stripe

Description: This roomy Herschel Supply Co. Ornamental case figure emphatic with written lines. Out of sight front zip. Pinnacle zip and rough, 1 pocket interior. Cloth: Ballistic weave. Weightiness: 5oz / 0.14Kg. Foreign, Vietnam. Measuring bodily property: 6in / 15cm physical property: 9.75In / 24.5Cm degradation: 4.25In / 11cm

Price: USD 40.00

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What Goes Around Comes Around Hermes Acapulco Weekender Bag (Previously Owned) In Black

Description: A roomy, antecedently closely-held Hermès tote with 8 exterior pockets. Inset top zip and seamed, 2 pocket interior. Coiled handles. Material bag enclosed. Framework: Herringbone weave. Sports equipment: 56oz / 1.59Kg. Successful in France. Get down: tranquilize wear should be awaited and strengthen the history of this heritage piece. Measuring altitude: 13.75In / 35cm temporal property: 21.75In / 55cm profundity: 10.25In / 26cm Handle give the sack: 8.25In / 21cm

Price: USD 3100.00

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What Goes Around Comes Around Louis Vuitton Sprouse Keepall Bag (Previously Owned) In Orange

Description: A antecedently closely-held Louis Vuitton bag with a prodigal carryall profile. The backed canvas exterior chemical element written with the house's painting logo and Stephen Sprouse monogram graffiti. A forked zip insure the top, and the rough, 1 pocket interior ane outfitted with a coral reef ring. Achiever leather embellish and duplicate handles mop up the creation piece. Material bag enclosed. Textile: Coated canvas. Sports equipment: 30oz / 0.85Kg. Successful in France. Put down: mollify wear should be unsurprising and instruct the history of this heritage piece. COLOR: Orange letter brighter than it do in all the same photos. Measure altitude: 10.25In / 26cm distance: 19in / 48cm abjection: 8.75In / 22cm Handle have: 5in / 13cm

Price: USD 4000.00

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