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How To Style: Studded Heels

What can be better than underlining your individuality! In today's article I want to draw your attention to studded heels and how to make them look great on you. This footwear can easily add an edgy touch to your boring look. There will be no problem for adding fun touch into your everyday outfits!

How To Style: Studded Heels 2020

Crispy white shirt looks awesome tucked in black leather mini skirt completed with studded multi-buckled sandals.

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Socks + High Heels: This Year’s Must-Try Combo

This is a well-known fact: wearing socks with heels is a fashion faux pas. Well, we do love breaking the rules, right? Today we are about to see socks and high heels combinations to try next year. You gonna be wowed by the variety of looks and ideas that gonna make you look creative an stylish. I have some guidelines on how to wear this combo in the streets and special occasions. If you want your socks to look awesome and make them to be the center-piece of your outfit, then keep on reading to find out more.

Socks + High Heels: This Year's Must-Try Combo 2020

We see lady who is wearing plaid belted jacket styled with pleated black-grey skirt, knee-high socks, black pointed-toe heels and cable knit grey beanie.

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Trend Spotting: White Heels Are Here To Stay

Try to think out of the box, girl! Go for something fresh, bright and sexy, like a pair of white shoes! In today's post I want you to see some of the best white heels worn with casual, smart-casual clothes. If you think white heels are worn only in the summer time, then you are totally NOT right. This is an ultimate transitional must-have footwear. It's an ideal finishing touch to any street style look. Just imagine yourself wearing statement sweater, ripped jeans and crispy white heels- the look is irresistibly cool and worth wearing. If you want to stand-out from the crowd, then you better go for white footwear my dear reader!

Trend Spotting: White Heels Are Here To Stay 2020

Go for an off-shoulder, pale-blue sweater and pair it with cuffed slim white jeans and pointed-toe white heels.

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