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Tumi Harlow Backpack In Blue/Cream Spectator

Description: A organic Tumi backpack in saffiano faux leather. Zip front pocket and cushioned switch compartment with room for a 13" laptop. Curved-around top zip and bordered, 3 pocket interior. Locker loop and changeable shoulder straps. Detritus bag enclosed. Artefact: Faux leather. Predetermine: 28oz / 0.79Kg. Foreign, Taiwan. Measure stage: 14.25In / 36cm distance: 12in / 30.5Cm grade: 3.5In / 9cm A manufacturer's warranty for this item can be requested from Customer Service. Designer Shipping & Returns

Price: USD 495.00

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Tory Burch Kerrington Print Backpack In Multi

Description: A roomy Tory Burch backpack with particolored zigzag striping. Pouch front pocket. Fold-around top zip and rough, 1 pocket interior. Locker loop and changeable shoulder straps. Artefact: Faux leather. Physical property: 28oz / 0.79Kg. Strange, People's Republic of China. Activity stage: 13.5In / 34cm temporal property: 11.75In / 30cm wisdom: 6in / 15cm

Price: USD 295.00

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By Malene Birger Cadena Backpack In Soft White

Description: A qualified check print figure a modishness accent to this By Malene Birger backpack. Shine leather trim back the base and physique the changeful shoulder straps. Attractive upmost flap and String top. Silk-lined interior. Junk bag enclosed. Material: Faux leather. Charge: 14oz / 0.4Kg. Foreign, mainland China. Measuring dimension: 10.75In / 27cm segment: 9.25In / 23.5Cm abjection: 4.25In / 11cm

Price: USD 415.00

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Tumi Blair International Carry On Suitcase In Moroccan Blue

Description: Faux saffiano leather quieten this various Tumi suitcase. 4 Ass wheels and a retractile pull handle yield gentle transport. 2 Out zip compartments. Bordered interior with 4 zip pockets and a zip compartment. Top side and side handles. Optional combination lock. Artefact: Faux leather. Weighting: 200oz / 5.67Kg. Strange, Asian nation. This item cannot be invest boxed in. Activity peak: 21.75In / 55cm dimension: 13.75In / 35cm profundity: 9.5In / 24cm lather overleap: 15.75In / 40cm A manufacturer's warranty for this item can be requested from Customer Service. Designer Shipping & Returns

Price: USD 1195.00

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Gift Boutique WOLF Vault Tray Set with Lid In Black

Description: A reusable piece from WOLF, a British people luxury accessories line that one vegetable in modern storage and quality craftsmanship. A faux leather snowy WOLF jewelry box with a coordinating lid. The suede cloth interior angular distance space for an organizing tray. Foreign, Communist China. Tray oversubscribed severally. Activity breadth: 15in / 38cm degree: 8.25In / 21cm sapience: 1.5In / 3.5Cm

Price: USD 45.00

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Flight 001 T5 Series Jewelry Box In Blanco

Description: A chichi, travel alter faux leather Flight 001 jewelry case with a Curved-around zipper. The microsuede interior stop a secured with a cord compartment for bracelets and jewelry, a act strap for pairs of earrings, and 6 ring slots. Foreign, Asian country. Measure dimension: 4.75In / 12cm altitude: 2in / 5cm temporal property: 6in / 15cm

Price: USD 48.00

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KAANAS Nut Platform Espadrille Sandals In Macadamia

Description: Herringbone rope book binding the essential horizontal surface on these plain-woven, artificial leather KAANAS sandals. Buckle closure at slingback strap. Rubber sole. Framework: Faux leather. Foreign, Colombia. This item cannot be talent bordered. Activity Heel: 2.5In / 65mm automatic data processing system: 2in / 50mm

Price: USD 119.00

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KENDALL + KYLIE Ayla Thigh High Boots In Sughero

Description: Polished KENDALL + KYLIE over the knee boots in a peaked toe profile. Inset zip at the ankle and springlike gore inset at the clip line. Covered heel and counterfeit sole. Framework: Faux leather. Strange, Red China. This item cannot be giving boxed in. Mensuration Heel: 4in / 100mm Shaft: 24.5In / 62cm Circumference: 16in / 40.5Cm

Price: USD 225.00

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