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New Years Eve Dresses For Winter

New Year is coming! Hey there my dear sexy ladies, I am here with you today to share this awesome collection of New Years Eve dresses to wear this Fall/Winter. Stay with me to find out brilliant ideas on how to choose and what to wear this cold season. I am pretty sure you gonan find here many interesting designs, featuring minimal clean lines, sophisticated embroideries, dramatic maxi lengths, printed must-haves, as well as classic hue essentials.

New Years Eve Dresses For Winter 2020

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2016 Summer Fashion Trends to Try Now

All your Summer favorites in one place! Hey, there ladies! I've got great news for you tonight. We are here to see 2016 summer fashion trends that are going to be spotted everywhere, starting from the streets to music festivals. No matter what's the occasion out there, be ready to try these voguish updates. Make it happen thanks to these stunning details, clothes and accessories.

2016 Summer Fashion Trends to Try Now 2020

Yes, I am in love with chain link chokers. Try a golden version and style it with a totally black look.

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What Dresses Are In Style For Fall

No, this is not another post about dresses trends. In today's compilation I have gathered 27 different frocks that are great for various occasions, starting from casual day walks, dating, shopping centers visiting to work and special parties. For some ladies it's quite difficult to find perfect designs that can be versatile enough to be worn at least for several events. You know what I am talking about, as I had such confusing moments leaving stores empty-handed. That's why, I've decided to make this post and show you the greatest styles that will work from day to night wear.

What Dresses Are In Style For Fall 2020

A perfect ribbed knit grey sweater-dress with long sleeves in a slim-fit is a perfect choice for making a statement in the streets or at the office during Friday's work hours. Try it on with cozy tights, perfect necklace and a cozy cashmere sweater in dark blue color.

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Nothing Says Sexy Like Lingerie Dresses

What would it be like if everyone dressed in underwear? Well, you can try to make it happen by wearing one of these lingerie dresses. There is one fashion trend, what is here to stay and it's name is lingerie clothing. It's both sexy and timeless look. I remember when women tried to layer bras over blouses. Now, we see designers offering its clientèle sultry slip-dresses embellished with lace embroideries. This trend is wearable and eye-catching. There are lots of style tricks to use, so you look fabulous and chic.

Nothing Says Sexy Like Lingerie Dresses 2020

We see a glamour black spaghetti strap lingerie dress embellished with lace embroideries. Love the way it's paired with bright pink wool coat, strappy pointed-toe black leather booties and statement sunglasses.

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Sporty Dresses with an Athletic Twist For Day and Evening Wear

Go for a casual and comfortable look this season by wearing these sporty dresses. No matter what people say, but fashion has gained some serious interest in sports this year. I saw so many athletic looks lately, some of them look weird, others are ideally combined, like sport brand logos on blouses and sweatpants, bulky sweatshirts paired with tennis skirts and sporty dresses. It's so interesting to see girls appearing on the streets wearing athletic frocks ideal for day and evening wear.

Sporty Dresses with an Athletic Twist For Day and Evening Wear 2020

Black-white colored 1/2 sleeved shift looks minimalistic, yet sporty.

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10 Ways to Wear Sneakers with a Dress

I think everyone loves sneakers! That's why I've decided to show you some tricks and ideas how to wear sneakers with dresses. Just imagine yourself in a nice and girly dress styled with cool sneakers. Well, some years ago ladies would never try this kind of look in the streets, but nowadays it appears to be OKAY. Well, fashion is a weird thing you know! But I like it.

10 Ways to Wear Sneakers with a Dress 2020

Here we see a woman who is wearing a printed midi dress with black leather jacket and adidas white sneakers with black stripes.

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Striped Dresses Styles

I think everyone knows about magic floral, leopard and tropical prints. Yes, they are in trend this year. But I want to draw your attention to striped dresses. These are timeless frocks what are always in. Stripes never go out of fashion, that's why so many fashionistas, celebrities and fashion editors choosing exactly stripes in their everyday lives wear. This print is extremely versatile, what allows you mixing and matching it with almost any color you want, by adding bright and plain colored garments and accessories. The stripes can be found in various colors, starting from horizontal to vertical, thin and thick. Personally, I love wearing horizontal ones.

Striped Dresses Styles 2020

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Summer Dresses For Work

Hey there, fashion addicted girls! Today we are going to see my favorite summer dresses for work. I am sure you want to see what I've got for all of you, am I right? As you know, suits are ideal for working hours, no matter if it's a skirtsuit or pantsuit, you look professional. But I think you need something lighter and cool for hot summer days. But not every dress is perfect for summer work hours, as there are too many sexy cut frocks. The dilemma is to choose the one what looks professional and feels comfortable, but isn't expensive, nor cheap and too much sexy. Sounds impossible, right? Nothing is impossible, my dear.

Summer Dresses For Work 2020

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Off Shoulders – Best Street Style Looks

Keep it sexy and hot by wearing an off shoulder outfit. Today I bring you an awesome inspiration what consists of the best street style looks. What you think of showing off a little more skin in the streets this summer? I think it's okay. I think the off-shoulder look gives you an additional refreshment what makes you look sexier, right? In this post I have gathered beautiful women clad in bare shoulder jumpsuits, crop-tops, strapless dresses, blouses, playsuits and tunics worn with bright skirts, pants and accessories. I think every single outfit what is shown in this article evokes romantic and sexy vibes. The off-shoulders look is flattering to everyone. Hope these images and tips will inspire you to wear this 1980's trend this year.

Off Shoulders - Best Street Style Looks 2020

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