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Trend Spotting: Cowboy Hats For Women

Keep it wild, wild west inspired! Like it or not, but we having a new trend this year: cowboy hats for women. This hat is eye-catchy and ideal for making a real statement in the streets. There is kind of Great American West feeling once you pair this stunning accessory with your everyday essentials. I love to see Western-inspired gear worn by modern ladies and this year Wild West is here to stay. You gonna love the high-crowned and wide-brimmed American cowboy hats, as they are so must-have this year. Thanks to this Western motif you can team this hat with almost every outfit you’ve got in your closet.

Trend Spotting: Cowboy Hats For Women 2022

This is a wow effect style! We see black brimmed fedora worn with simple white tank top, black denim mini shorts and dollar green print white blazer.

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