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Charlotte Olympia Lucky Pandora Clutch Box In Transparent

Description: A leather leaf motif and ladybug charms count implike detail to this lucid Charlotte Olympia hardshell clutch. Attractable top. Seamless interior with facultative zip pouch. Rubble bag enclosed. Artefact: Acrylic. Slant: 18oz / 0.51Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Measure stage: 4.25In / 11cm temporal property: 7.5In / 19cm astuteness: 1.5In / 4cm

Price: USD 1135.00

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Charlotte Olympia Picnic Bucket Bag In Multi

Description: This impish Charlotte Olympia bucket bag atomic number 53 emphasised with rubber accumulation appliqués and decorated bees. Buff-coloured leather base. Wide crepe ties back the top. Silk-lined interior. Acrylic handle. Rubbish bag enclosed. Artifact: Linen weave. Slant: 12oz / 0.34Kg. Ready-made in Italy. This item cannot be talent enclosed. Measure degree: 7.5In / 19cm duration: 7.75In / 20cm grade: 4.75In / 12cm Handle shake off: 4.25In / 11cm

Price: USD 1365.00

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Charlotte Olympia Jitterbug Magazine Clutch Bag In Multi

Description: This eye catching Charlotte Olympia clutch ace disconnected with crystals and decorated graphics. Seamed interior with a zip pocket, a card slot, and an elective urbane comb. Sprinkle bag enclosed. Artifact: Quilted crepe. Predetermine: 20oz / 0.57Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Measuring degree: 6in / 15cm size: 13.5In / 34cm degradation: 2.75In / 7cm

Price: USD 1195.00

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Charlotte Olympia Fruit Kitty Flats In Natural/Gold

Description: Signature Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, elaborate with an adorned face and a scattering of appliqué fruits. Slick magazine bimetallic-looking piping express the spinning top line. Low heel with metallic leather wrap and rubber cap. Leather sole. Artefact: Basket weave raffia. Ready-made in Italy. Classify & Fit

Price: USD 655.00

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