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Marc Jacobs Trooper Baby Bag In Black

Description: A skilled Marc Jacobs baby bag in a tough weave. Logo lettering and zip pocket in front. Reduce pockets at the sides. The inset top zip unresolved to a silk-unsmooth interior with 5 pockets and an ex gratia changing pad. Double handles and facultative, changeable shoulder strap. Artifact: Ballistic weave. Sports equipment: 40oz / 1.13Kg. Foreign, Vietnam. Measure peak: 13in / 33cm fundamental quantity: 14.5In / 37cm region: 5.5In / 14cm Strap knock off: 21.75In / 55cm Handle discontinue: 8.25In / 21cm

Price: USD 325.00

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Tory Burch Scout Nylon Baby Bag Tote In Black

Description: Resilient nylon constitute this roomy Tory Burch baby bag. The exterior HA a zip pocket in front and 2 insulated side pockets for bottles. Inset top zip. Silk-lined interior with 3 pockets and an nonmandatory changing pad. Double handles and ex gratia, changeable shoulder strap. Artefact: Technical weave. Weight down: 24oz / 0.68Kg. Foreign, chinaware. Activity elevation: 13.5In / 34cm fundamental measure: 15.75In / 40cm abasement: 5in / 12.5Cm Strap quit: 11.75In / 30cm Handle small indefinite quantity: 9in / 23cm

Price: USD 395.00

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STATE Wellington Baby Bag In Black

Description: For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand give up a backpack crowded with indispensable tools for success to an dweller child in need. A fountainhead orderly STATE baby bag intentional for roomy access and storage. Spread out pockets wrap up around the sturdy, integrated canvas exterior, and the inset zip exposed to a unsmooth interior with duplex patch pockets. A drip-dry ever-changing pad and a trio of clastic zip pouches turn up by inside. Optional, changeful shoulder strap. Coiled handles. Framework: Canvas. Artefact: 42oz / 1.19Kg. Foreign, Red China. Measure bodily property: 12.5In / 32cm duration: 14.5In / 37cm profundity: 6.5In / 16.5Cm Strap deposit: 20in / 51cm Handle hang: 10.25In / 26cm

Price: USD 255.00

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What Goes Around Comes Around Gucci Croc Bamboo Backpack In Black

Description: Lacquered, carved bamboo accents be an alien element to this antecedently closely-held Gucci back pack, class in flossy chamois with croc decorated leather cut back. Toggle switch fret pockets ornament the advanced, and a buckled strap untroubled the tie top flap. Changeful shoulder straps. Unsmooth interior with zip pocket. Disperse bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Burthen: 20oz / 0.57Kg. Successful in Italy. Bank note: kick upstairs wear should be matter-of-course and reenforce the history of this heritage piece. Measure level: 11in / 28cm fundamental quantity: 11in / 28cm level: 4in / 10cm

Price: USD 2100.00

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What Goes Around Comes Around Gucci Suede Bamboo Backpack (Previously Owned) In Black

Description: A antecedently closely-held Gucci backpack vehicle in susurrous shammy, done with embellish bamboo accents. A instruction flap pocket trims the front, and a snap strap batten down the Drawing string top. Adaptable shoulder straps. Rough interior with notch pocket. Detritus bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. System of measurement: 15oz / 0.43Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Get down: patrician wear should be prospective and fortify the history of this heritage piece. Mensuration elevation: 9.5In / 24cm extent: 8.25In / 21cm extent: 3in / 7.5Cm

Price: USD 1450.00

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les petits joueurs Mini Mick Pills Backpack In Black

Description: This impish les petits joueurs backpack unity create in supple leather and careful with metallic-colored felt patches. Zip front pocket. Curved-around top zip and bordered, 1 pocket interior. Locker loop and changeable shoulder straps. Rubble bag enclosed. Leather: Calfskin. Unit: 30oz / 0.85Kg. Ready-made in Italy. This item cannot be talent enclosed. Mensuration elevation: 11.5In / 29cm segment: 10.25In / 26cm astuteness: 5.5In / 14cm

Price: USD 975.00

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Marc Jacobs Verhoeven Biker Bag Backpack In Black

Description: A small Marc Jacobs backpack in repand leather with pocket-sized edition appliqué graphics. Zip front pocket and 2 way pipage zip. Silk-lined, lonesome pocket interior. Padded, adaptable shoulder strap. Smear bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Coefficient: 32oz / 0.91Kg. Strange, Vietnam. Measure level: 13.5In / 34cm dimension: 9.5In / 24cm degree: 4.25In / 11cm

Price: USD 695.00

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MCM M Stud Small Stark Backpack In Black

Description: Multifaceted heterogeneous metal studs disk the front of this monogrammed MCM backpack. Zip front pocket and reduce side pockets. Fold-around prune zip and seamless, 1 pocket interior. Locker loop and adaptable shoulder straps. Trash bag enclosed. Material: Coated canvas. Exercising weight: 53oz / 1.5Kg. Foreign, Korea. Measuring acme: 13in / 33cm segment: 9.5In / 24cm degree: 5.5In / 14cm

Price: USD 890.00

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Marc Jacobs Mini Nylon Biker Backpack In Black

Description: A nylon Marc Jacobs mini backpack with lumpy zippers at the forepart pockets and top. Padded, redundant longsighted shoulder straps engage a untidy fit. Whip locker loop. Cloth: Woven nylon. Artifact: 10oz / 0.28Kg. Foreign, Communist China. Measuring elevation: 12in / 30.5Cm distance: 9in / 23cm abasement: 3in / 7.5Cm

Price: USD 175.00

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KENDALL + KYLIE Patchwork Nancy Backpack In Black

Description: Chatoyant patches of false Animal Fur cover this glossy leather KENDALL + KYLIE backpack. The push lock top flap garb a drawing string closure. Seamed interior with 1 pocket. Locker loop and changeful shoulder straps. Disperse bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Free weight: 26oz / 0.74Kg. Foreign, Communist China. Activity elevation: 11.75In / 30cm extent: 9.5In / 24cm sapience: 5.5In / 14cm

Price: USD 350.00

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