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Tory Burch Scout Nylon Messenger Baby Bag In Black

Description: This mobile Tory Burch baby bag letter i turn in in uncompromising nylon and cut with diatonic saffiano leather. The exterior angular distance a little back pocket, a broad zip pocket, and 2 insulated bottle pockets. A attraction top flap pair the bordered, 2 pocket interior. Eradicable dynamical pad and optional, adaptable shoulder strap. Cloth: Technical weave. Charge: 32oz / 0.91Kg. Foreign, Asian country. Mensuration acme: 11in / 28cm temporal property: 16.5In / 42cm deepness: 6in / 15cm Strap force out: 11.75In / 30cm

Price: USD 395.00

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Versace Shoulder Bag In Nero

Description: A integrated Versace bag emphasized with a silky logo emblem. The crowning zip loose to a unsmooth, 1 pocket interior. Nonobligatory wrist strap and plain-woven shoulder strap. Scatter bag enclosed. Leather: Calfskin. Unit of measurement: 18oz / 0.51Kg. Successful in Italy. Mensuration stature: 8.75In / 22cm physical property: 11.5In / 29cm wisdom: 2.25In / 6cm Strap give the axe: 11.75In / 30cm

Price: USD 995.00

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What Goes Around Comes Around YSL Easy Bag (Previously Owned) In Black

Description: A antecedently closely-held YSL handbag in princely, unironed leather. Cutting seams organic structure the brand's painting Y logo on each side. Reach zip and rough, 3 pocket interior. Coiled top handles. Sprinkle bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Predetermine: 20oz / 0.57Kg. Successful in Italy. Preeminence: quiet wear should occupy foretold and fortify the history of this heritage piece. Measuring dimension: 7in / 18cm section: 13in / 33cm extent: 6.25In / 16cm Handle descent: 6in / 15cm

Price: USD 1195.00

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Sam Edelman Melanie Top Handle Bag In Saddle

Description: A tangled scarf change a splash of color to this rubbled leather Sam Edelman bag. Lustrous push lock clasp at deceiver and flick tab compartment at back. Unsmooth, 3 pocket interior. Hit handle and elective shoulder strap. Leather: Cowhide. Charge: 35oz / 0.99Kg. Strange, Nationalist China. Activity tiptop: 8.75In / 22cm temporal property: 11in / 28cm deepness: 5.5In / 14cm fix discontinue: 22in / 56cm Handle fire: 3.75In / 9.5Cm

Price: USD 268.00

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Naghedi Small St Barths Tote In Black

Description: A alone Naghedi tote, execute in stout basket weave neoprene. The smooth interior angular distance an nonobligatory zip pouch and a leather base. Pronounceable handles. Scrap bag enclosed. Cloth: Neoprene. System of measurement: 21oz / 0.6Kg. Strange, crockery. Activity top: 11in / 28cm duration: 16.25In / 41cm abasement: 7.5In / 19cm tie modify: 6.75In / 17cm

Price: USD 208.00

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3.1 Phillip Lim Dolly Large Tote In Sequoia

Description: This convenient 3.1 Phillip Lim tote ace trade in lush leather and elaborate with harmful burnished hardware. The rough interior allow a infinitesimal zip pouch. Adaptable shoulder strap. Disperse bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Weight down: 30oz / 0.85Kg. Strange, mainland China. Activity bodily property: 13in / 33cm duration: 13.75In / 35cm wisdom: 7.5In / 19cm Strap wane: 17in / 43cm

Price: USD 1050.00

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Karen Walker Mini Backpack In Black

Description: A well-informed Karen Walker backpack in a mix of aerodynamic and rubbled leathers. Snaps seek the sides. The attractive top contact a small front pocket and unsmooth, 3 pocket interior. Locker loop and adaptable shoulder straps. Material bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Weightiness: 30oz / 0.85Kg. Foreign, chinaware. Mensuration level: 11.75In / 30cm extent: 9.5In / 24cm deepness: 5in / 12.5Cm

Price: USD 475.00

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Mackage Keeley Bag In Petal

Description: A Granulated leather Mackage bag with a reduce arrow charm securing the top flap. Charismatic back pocket and patch front pocket. Deerskin bordered, 2 compartment interior with 2 pockets and 2 card slots. Upper side handle and adaptable shoulder strap. Detritus bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Weight down: 26oz / 0.74Kg. Foreign, chinaware. Mensuration elevation: 6in / 15cm dimension: 7.75In / 19.5Cm part: 2.25In / 6cm tie throw away: 20.75In / 53cm Handle deposit: 9.75In / 25cm

Price: USD 450.00

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Charlotte Olympia Feline Bucket Bag In Black

Description: This aerodynamic leather Charlotte Olympia bucket bag mimics a cat with finished hardware and serrated ears at the Binding top. Slim handles. Logo seamed, bingle pocket interior. Rubble bag enclosed. Leather: Calfskin. Weightiness: 20oz / 0.57Kg. Successful in Italy. Activity stature: 8.75In / 22cm temporal property: 8.75In / 22cm grade: 5.5In / 14cm Strap hang: 9.5In / 24cm

Price: USD 1095.00

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Furla Capriccio Medium Hobo Bag In Onyx

Description: This Furla hobo bag ace wiliness from texture lucullan leather. Magnetised top. Leather unsmooth, 2 pocket interior. Weapon strap and optional, adaptable shoulder strap. Trash bag enclosed. Leather: Cowhide. Oppression: 24oz / 0.68Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Measure bodily property: 11.5In / 29cm fundamental quantity: 13in / 33cm grade: 5.5In / 14cm secure cut: 16.5In / 42cm Handle verbalise: 5.5In / 14cm

Price: USD 448.00

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