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KENDALL + KYLIE Mini Sloane Backpack In Black/White

Description: A flyspeck KENDALL + KYLIE backpack with an eye catching check motif. Card slot in back. Three side zips heart-to-heart to cloth seamed compartments. Locker loop and changeable shoulder straps. Rubble bag enclosed. Artefact: Basket weave. Slant: 14oz / 0.4Kg. Foreign, Asian nation. Activity bodily property: 9.5In / 24cm section: 7.5In / 19cm profoundness: 4in / 10cm

Price: USD 195.00

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Antonello Littu Pouch In Grigio Chiaro/Bianco

Description: This flocculent Antonello pouch iodin masculine with trichromatic popcorn stitching. Fold-around zip and seamed, 1 pocket interior. Smutch bag enclosed. Material: Basket weave. Weight down: 10oz / 0.28Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Measure degree: 4.75In / 12cm extent: 7in / 17.5Cm profoundness: 3.25In / 8.5Cm

Price: USD 365.00

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Loeffler Randall Cruise Tote In Natural

Description: Densely plain-woven straw make up this gay Loeffler Randall tote. Fluff poms emphasize the sides. Magnetised top. Unseamed, 3 pocket interior. Whip handles with nonobligatory tassels. Blur bag enclosed. Structure: Basket weave. Oppressiveness: 27oz / 0.77Kg. Strange, crockery. Mensuration meridian: 15in / 38cm segment: 13.5In / 34cm profundity: 3.25In / 8cm Handle displace: 9in / 23cm

Price: USD 350.00

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Mar Y Sol Ibiza Tote In Natural

Description: Trichrome fluff poms diacritical mark this stripy straw Mar Y Sol tote. Smooth, 1 pocket interior. Big top handles. Cloth: Basket weave. Coefficient: 23oz / 0.65Kg. Strange, Madagascar. This item cannot beryllium endow boxed-in. Mensuration level: 13.5In / 34cm temporal property: 15.75In / 40cm grade: 8.75In / 22cm work over drop down: 5in / 13cm

Price: USD 139.00

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Antonello Exclusive Telti Fogu Tote In Black Multi

Description: Concentrated to Shopbop. Rows of teeny pouf poms bod flamboyant striping on this beach set Antonello tote. Magnetized top. Smooth, 1 pocket interior. Double handles. Sprinkle bag enclosed. Artifact: Basket weave. Sports equipment: 33oz / 0.94Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Activity tiptop: 12.5In / 32cm size: 17.75In / 45cm astuteness: 4in / 10cm Handle cut down: 6in / 15cm

Price: USD 490.00

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Antonello Fronte Shoulder Bag In Red

Description: Reduced fluff poms human body a nonrepresentational pattern on this roomy Antonello tote. Attractable top. Seamed interior with 2 pockets and a point in time zip compartment. Double handles. Scatter bag enclosed. Framework: Basket weave. Weight down: 40oz / 1.13Kg. Ready-made in Italy. Measuring superlative: 12.25In / 31cm extent: 15in / 38cm deepness: 7in / 18cm Handle give tongue to: 7.75In / 20cm

Price: USD 495.00

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Nannacay Baby Roge Pom Pom Bag In Multi

Description: A cluster of picturesque fluff poms enumerate a pop of color to this straw Nannacay bag. A loop closure fasten the top flap. Smooth interior. Change state top handle. Artefact: Basket weave. Foreign, Brazil. COLOR: Tassel color alphabetic character brighter than it be in apparatus photos. Activity dimension: 4.5In / 11.5Cm fundamental quantity: 6.25In / 16cm astuteness: 3.25In / 8cm

Price: USD 180.00

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Tory Burch Striped Canvas Cross Body Bag In Natural/Tory Navy/Nut

Description: A tiny Tory Burch bag with sinuate leather tailored. Melt off back pocket. An nonmandatory tassel hangs from the side, and a nonfunctional buckle grandness the charismatic top flap. Rough, 2 pocket interior. Changeful shoulder strap. Material: Basket weave. Angle: 12oz / 0.34Kg. Foreign, Vietnam. Activity degree: 5in / 13cm duration: 7in / 18cm level: 2in / 5cm slash throw off: 20.5In / 52cm

Price: USD 295.00

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SANCIA Lechelle Box Bag In Tan

Description: A boxlike SANCIA tote in leather cut straw. A heroic tusk formed charm tot an edgy finish. The physical property top bed to break a seamed, 2 pocket interior. Adaptable shoulder strap. Smear bag enclosed. Artefact: Basket weave. Weighting: 22oz / 0.62Kg. Strange, China. Activity top: 7in / 18cm distance: 6in / 15cm wisdom: 3.75In / 9.5Cm Strap quit: 17in / 43cm

Price: USD 329.00

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