Spring Fashion Trends For Women

Please welcome nex Spring season biggest fashion trends guide. All fashion weeks have officially closed and we are ready to make conclusions regarding upcoming trends. Fashion brands want us to think about biker shorts with blazers, animal prints, puff shoulders, colored tartan, fringes trend, patchwork, and neon colors. Here are all the trends you are about to see everywhere next year.

Biker Shorts With Blazers

The athleisure trend is pretty massive! Go for a stylish combo consisting of a classic blazer and bicycle shorts. The sportswear and tailoring combo is a perfect combination. The result is striking, bold and chic. An ideal look for the streets walking.

Animal Prints

Yes, we are in love with leopard print. Next Spring we see it everywhere on everyone. Unleash your inner jungle book with striking designs and bold colors. You are free to go for an all-over leopard print look by teaming matching separates, or keeping things simple with leopard print accessories, like bag or shoes.

Puff Shoulders

Play with fabrics. This season we see a comeback of puff shoulders. Think of bold ruffles, oversized silhouettes of dresses and blouses. Puff sleeves will add a fun 1980’s inspired twist to modern clothes.

Colored Tartan

Tartan is everywhere! It gets massive this Spring. Forget about classic tartan, now it’s time to try this print in eye-catching colors. Go wild with red-yellow-green tartan suits, jackets, pants. It’s okay to mix-and-match different color tartan basics.

Fringes Trend

Sure, fringes are nothing new, but it can easily update any outfit. Go wild with fringed skirts, fringed blazers, button-down shirts, suede jackets, booties, bags, etc. If you are not ready for full-on fringe, then start with tasseled accessories.


Yes, patchwork is pretty massive this year. It’s already seen on the streets. You can find it on dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts. You are free to choose clothes made of patchwork from contrasting fabric pieces. Trust me, you gonna create fabulous eclectic outfits. Go for a bold patchwork piece and style it with simple garments.

Neon Colors

Did you miss them? Hell yeah! Neon colors are still in fashion. We see neon brights everywhere this year. Trust me, you gonna be wowed to see so many shades, starting from classic pink, green and yellow, to orange, red, neon blue, etc. You are free to pair them together in contrast styled in a striking top to toe tones.

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Spring Fashion Trends For Women 2023

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