How To Dress Like A Real French Woman

You might think looking effortless takes a lot of time, but we know the real French fashion formula and you better follow it, in order to look at your best. Tell me, what comes to your mind, when thinking of Parisian chic style? I personally think of classic, effortless, nonchalant and disheveled style. I do love French chic style, especially that special minimalist look with a neutral color palette of mostly black, white, grey and camel. Anyway, you are free to choose whatever Parisian chic look you want to recreate. Follow my easy style tricks to become the one and only French style wearer.

First of all, invest in classic wardrobe pieces. Trust me, simple essentials will exude the spirit of a French lady. Never buy cheap classics and avoid following fast fashion. Buy apparel that makes you feel and look pretty. It’s better to spend your money on a pair of jeans that ideally flatters your body instead of grabbing the trendiest pair of jeans every season. Trendier doesn’t mean sexier. Next thing: get a trench coat. Yes, you heard me right, trench coats are essential outerwear pieces that can easily make you look like a real French girl. Plus, you can wear it with literally anything, from jeans to exclusive dresses. Wear heels that make you feel comfortable, avoid super high heels. Get inspired by French women Instagram and follow them, so you know what and how to wear. Next thing is to buy outerwear and jumpers one size bigger than your real size is. It does look far more chic in a loose-fitted cut. The last, but not least, mix feminine with masculine clothes and accessories. For instance, a pair of boyfriend jeans look awesome paired with heels. Short skirts look chic with oversized jackets and mannish shoes.

How To Dress Like A Real French Woman 2023

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