Bike Riding Fashion: Cute Cycling Outfits For Women

If you do like bicycle rides, then you gonna love this post. Why? In today's article I want to share with you my favorite bike riding fashion staples that are ideal for stylish cycling days. Believe me, everyone gonna turn their heads when they will see you on a bike! This is a perfect Polyvore fashion resource for stylish cyclists who want to ride their bikes and look pretty chic and refined.

Bike Riding Fashion (1)

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A lovely chambray shirt is styled with a pale pink shorts, thong white sandals, cool golden watches and pearl white necklace.

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Polyvore Sets: Luxury Sporty Street Style Outfits and Accessories

If you want to create a luxury sporty street style outfit then you better get inspired by these marvelous Polyvore sets. I've got a perfect compilation of comfy and relaxed outfits that will easily underline your individuality. If you think wearing luxe sports garments is a hard thing, then you better think twice, as I've got a perfect selection of different combos that are easy to style and wear. Believe me, each one of these looks is a perfect way to make you look special and trendy. Read on to find out more and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Street Style Luxury Sporty Outfits and Accessories (1)

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Cream cropped tank top looks pretty cool teamed with hippie blush floral slacks, pastel blue satchel bag and blush brogues.

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Dresses For Office Party

This year comes with so many moderate and luxurious dresses for every budget. Today's post is dedicated to my favorite dresses for office party. I think every lady experienced at least one office party in her life. Sure, every company has its own different thematics. But most of time the dress-code is all about cocktail frocks. In this compilation are gathered my favorite designs that will for sure underline your individuality and make you look very special. Read on to find out more.

Dresses For Office Party (1)

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LBD is a versatile piece that is your great savior, not matter what is the upcoming occasion. In love with its asymmetric skirt and long sleeves.

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Denim Skirt Trend: Best Ways To Dress It Up

This is denim skirt situation! Today's post is dedicated to my favorite fashion staple that is so on trend this year. Yes, I am talking about denim skirt. This beautiful piece has gotten makeover, in a chic way. You can find so many interesting styles to choose from, from fitted pencil skirts to front button-down minis. I decided to share with you my favorite ways how to make this beautiful bottom garment look dressy and unique on you. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find out awesome ways how to dress it up in a modern way.

Denim Skirt (1)

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I don't know how about you, but I am absolutely in love with double denim looks. Here we see lady who appears in a light blue denim shirt tucked in high-rise front-buttoned knee-length pencil skirt. I love the way this skirt is unbuttoned from the bottom.

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Shopping Guide: 18 Single Earrings To Buy Now

In today's post we are going to see my favorite 18 single earrings you should buy this year. This trend comes back this year offering us absolutely spunky and hot designs. I am pretty sure, each one of the showcased styles will freshen up all your neutral and basic color outfits. Personally, I consider these earrings to be edgy, yet easy to pull off. A single earring has the ability to make any girl or lady look cool and chic. Keep on reading to find out more about this pretty jewelry.

Single Earring (1)

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Boho Chic & Hipster Outfit Combinations

If you are in search of something relaxed, functional and trendy, then how about marrying boho chic with hipster fashion? This is a perfect combination for those ladies who want to make a statement on the streets and wear something unique and special, without pulling too hard. Personally, I am one of those persons who wants to see only hipster style mostly with a little boho chic clothes in my wardrobe. If you are brave enough to wear boho edgy styles, then you are more than welcome to look through this Polyvore fashion sets compilation. Read on to find out more about these two styles combo possibilities.

Boho Chic & Hipster Outfit Combinations (1)

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This outfit looks really fun, relaxed and casual. We see a black-white striped spaghetti strap day dress worn with wide-brim black fedora, chunky black flat sandals, fringed backpack and rounded plastic sunglasses.

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Skinny Jeans + Blouse

Hello my dearest fashion readers! It's been a while since my last post! I am very sorry for not writing so long. Today we are going to speak about my favorite combo: skinny jeans plus blouse. This pairing is a perfect choice for those ladies who are in love with simplicity and elegance. Yes, these two clothing staples are ideal for creating awesome looks without any pull. All you need is a just a bit of imagination, so your result looks modern, fun, ladylike and chic. Why do I love this combo so much? It's mainly all about its simplicity that looks and feels awesome. There is one very important thing in creating this combination: don't let it be boring. I gathered my favorite Polyvore sets featuring sexy blouses teamed with dark skinny jeans. The result looks really awesome. As you can see, all you need is just bright accessories and jewelry. Anyway, here are some of my favorites. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Skinny Jeans + Blouse (1)

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If you want to try on something sexy and totally black, then why don't you try on skinny black jeans styled with glossy block heeled ankle-boots, opaque black bra top, sheer black blouse and sexy bohemian delicate jewelry, including tassel necklace. This is a perfect look for night-outs. The result looks subtle and glamour.

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Casual Cocktail Style For Women

In this post we are about to see the best casual cocktail style outfits to try this year. You are going to be wowed and pleasantly surprised by variety of Polyvore fashion sets. Before we start looking through various ideas and tips that will help us to create your lovely casual party look, I wanted to make it clear and explain to you this style.

Casual Cocktail Style For Women (1)

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We see a creative outfit that consists of an asymmetric abstract print sleeveless T-shirt teamed with black skirt. Complete the look by adding pointed-toe velvet black shoes, black leather shoulder bag and glitzy geometric shaped sunnies.

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How to Wear Cocoon Dresses

If you are tired of your classy dresses and basic daywear looks, then I am here to share with you an awesome compilation of my favorite cocoon dresses to try this year. This frock feels like a weird cocoon. Some ladies think this is a terrible piece of clothing, others say it's something fashion-forward and ideal for creative events. Anyway, this ensemble will leave nobody indifferent. Read on to see my favorite designs and great ways on how to wear it in real life.

Cocoon Dresses (1)

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Here we see a black cocoon frock in floral print. Try it on with plastic see-through chunky sandals and rounded sunglasses.

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Weekend Fashion Ideas

Hello there my dear readers! I am here to share with you fabulous weekend outfit ideas to try next week. Each one of these Polyvore sets looks terrific. I gathered comfy and cool clothes that are going to make you look fun and relaxed. Believe me, these ideas will make every Saturday and Sunday be your best days of the week. You are going to be forgiven to look effortlessly chic and extremely comfy. Sure, being a girl, you can't turn off the impulse to look stylish. That's why I am here to share with you this stunning Polyvore sets collection of women's outfits to try in your lazy day-offs. All the showcased styles are easy to copy. Keep on scrolling to find out more.

Weekend Fashion Ideas (1)

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India printed palazzo pants look awesome styled with spaghetti strap pale orange asymmetric top completed with chunky flat sandals.

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